Malachite DIY



Tray of your choice

( I’m using a clear acrylic drawer organizer from inter-design purchased on Amazon for $13

You could also use this technique on just about any surface that can be cleaned and prepped for paint.

Smooth sturdy board (larger than the bottom of your tray. I’m using a cereal box )

4 colors of paintwhite, light green, bluish green, dark green (you can use any acrylic or latex based paint) 

Glaze ( I’m using gloss Modge Podge)

Scraps of cardboard

X-Acto blade and straightedge or scissors

Gold paint (my favorite gold paint of all time is Design Masters spray paint in brilliant gold


Paint you’re board ( or item of your choice) with the white & light green paint (you can add just a bit of the blue-green if you want) paint blending together to create a muddled effect and let dry.

Cut or tear cardboard scraps to create an uneven edge on them. This will create agate like rings present in malachite. ( Note: keep your cardboard pieces to scale with the item you are painting…

Small area, smaller cardboard piece/cut edges closer together = smallerrings

Large area, larger cut edges = larger rings )

Mix the dark green paint and glaze (about a 50/50 ratio ) and paint over the muddled background. ( if you were doing a large piece make sure do you only glaze an area you can work before it dries)

Drag cardboard piece in an uneven concentric circular pattern.  Continue to create new uneven circles off of the first one. 

If you mess up just drag the cardboard piece through the glaze again to create a new pattern. You can do this as long as the paint and glaze mix is still wet.


Allow paint & glaze to dry completely before adding A minimum of two coats of any high-gloss finish that is compatible with your paint, allowing coats to dry in between. I’m using ModgePodge because that’s what I have on hand but polyurethane etc. works well too.






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