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DIY Chalk Charger

Eid Plate Charger DIY
Eid Plate Charger DIY

Want to personalize your eid dinner party?  Here is a great idea for an easy diy on a budget that will sure impress your guests.

What you will need

-Plate Charger.  (They are now easily available at the dollar stores.  We got ours after christmas sale for $0.50!)

-Chalk Spray Paint.  You can get from home depot, Micheals or online for less then $4 (

-Chalk Marker (  We got ours from TJ Maxx on sale for $0.50


Spray paint the plate charger.  Let it dry.  Then write anything you want on the charger.  It does not have to be exclusive to Eid.  The best part about the marker is that it is erasable so you can use it over and over again for any occasion you have! 


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