Five Eid Party Outfit Ideas @Haute Hijab

As the countdown to Ramadan is coming to a close, you are probably feeling, like most of us, a physical exhaustion mixed with some nostalgia about the passing of a blessed month.  The last thing you probably wish to do is shop and yet you know, at the same time, that finding a nice eid outfit is inevitable.  If you are feeling the pressure to come up with a new eid trend, look no further.  We asked Melanie Elturk, the founder of Haute Hijab, what is trending this summer for our Muslim sisters in duress!

Her designs this year share a feminine, romantic and elegant feel. The collection is made up of grand ball skirts, circle chiffon skirts and full dresses with tons of volume inspired by the 1950’s look. The staple of the 50s was an hourglass figure, marked by a fitted upper body with small shoulders, a small waistline, a full skirt and higher heels.


Melanie’s company motto is “We believe that as a Muslim woman, you have the right to be acknowledged. Shopping for hijabs and clothes should be easy and fun! It should leave you happy and confident, reinforcing your commitment to faith.”  Take a look at five outfits she suggested for Eid 2016.  We hope you find inspiration in the looks she created.  Check out the Haute Hijab website and give it a shoutout!


These lovely, flowing skirts can be paired with long-sleeved shirts.
You can dress in solid colors with accessories, or…


Wear a patterned skirt, like this warm, summery floral grand ball skirt.


 You can pair these 50’s inspired skirts with more modern patterns or go retro.


Shirt dresses were also a staple of the 50’s. Try on a beautiful, solid colored dress


Or an elegant patterned look, like this Dahlia Maxi dress


Also stay tuned for a follow up blog by our stylist Maryam Bacaloni about embellishing these outfits with the right accessories!

Thank you Haute Hijab for facilitating our shopping experience!


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