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Ramadan Lantern Water Bottle Label Template

Ramadan Mubarak! We hope you are having a great Ramadan so far. Here are some free printable Lantern water bottle labels so you can quench your thirst in style. With the upcoming heatwave, we thought to offer more water bottle decorations, this time inspired by the Ramadan Lantern designs. Enjoy!  

Chocolate Chip Pistachio Cookies Recipe

Looking for a sweet treat this Ramadan? Look no further than  @sweetconnoisseur‘s delicious pistachio chocolate chip cookies. These moist cookies combine a middle-eastern pistachio flavor with sweet western chocolate to give you the best of both worlds. Great for an Iftar dessert!     Chocolate chip pistachio cookies (Makes approx 3 dozen cookies) Ingredients 3/4 […]

Ramadan Arabesque Water Bottle Label Template

Salam Everyone,  As Ramadan is just weeks away.  We wanted to share with you free Arabesque water bottle labels! The labels can be printed and added to any water bottle. It’s a nice decorative touch especially for the upcoming summer Ramadan!

How to Put Together the Lantern Favor

Here is how the lantern favors are put together

1- Lay the lantern on a flat surface on the opposite side of the color you wish to make

2- Fold each side

3- Insert the circle cut out at the bottom into slit

4- Insert the side flap into the slit on the side of the lantern

5- Pinch the Top of the dome and close with a clasp.  If you wish to put a battery operated light or favors inside do so prior to closing