Halloween Night


Since my daughter is born mid October, she decided that she wanted to do a horror birthday party night, as her favorite holiday Halloween.  When she was younger, we had done every theme that one could imagine.  We picked every princess created by Disney, pajama parties, diva parties, country, you name it; but this year […]

Hajj Kaaba Lantern DIY


Since there are not much choices of Hajj party supplies out there. Here is an easy Kaaba diy for your next hajj party Material Black square paper lantern (you can find at any party store.  We got those from Oriental Trading Gold Sparkly ribbon, black and white ribbon, gold and black ribbon (found at any […]

DIY Chalk Charger


Want to personalize your eid dinner party?  Here is a great idea for an easy diy on a budget that will sure impress your guests. What you will need -Plate Charger.  (They are now easily available at the dollar stores.  We got ours after christmas sale for $0.50!) -Chalk Spray Paint.  You can get from […]

The Night Before Eid


Get your cookie cutters ready! It’s the night before Eid, and your children are probably stirring excitedly in the house, waiting for the fun to begin. What’s a tasty activity to put that energy and excitement to good use? Eid baking! Preparing sweets before Eid is a great way to get kids excited about their […]