Inspiration Behind the 2019 Marrakesh Design

Marrakesh, also nicknamed the “red city” or “ochre city”, with its maze-like alleys, its large arched city wall and its traditional souk, is an ideal dream destination for the escapist traveller who likes being immersed in culture, exploring artisanal finds and savor aromatic dishes. It is no wonder that the iconic fashion guru, Yves Saint Laurent, adopted it as his second home.
Its mystical charm made it the prime location for our destination design inspiration as we will embark on a journey around the world representing party-ware with a touch of culture.

For the Marrakesh collection we picked an earthy palette to coincide with the city’s vibe.

Terra Cotta for its walls, its tagine dishhware and its vibrant textiles

Dark and Light blue, to highlight the serene sky with the city’s maze-like Medina alleys and the arabesque designs adorning its courtyards, palaces and mosques.

White and gold for white concrete walls, tents, arches and accents that tie everything together.

Our collection can be mixed and matched to suit your next celebrations

Salam (peace) from Marrakesh!

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