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Halloween Night


Since my daughter is born mid October, she decided that she wanted to do a horror birthday party night, as her favorite holiday Halloween.  When she was younger, we had done every theme that one could imagine.  We picked every princess created by Disney, pajama parties, diva parties, country, you name it; but this year was less challenging because every store had halloween decor galore.  We headed down to Dollar Tree and picked everything out.  For less then $20 we had everything we needed for a fun party.  All we needed is send invites and come up with a menu.

We put in our front garden foam tombstones and bones and stuck on the window blood stains



For the food, we had crafted her favorite dishes and accessorized them to fit the theme

We made mummy burgers


Baked Mac and Cheese with tombstone shaped tortillas.  To make them fun we wrote celebrity names with an edible marker



No party is complete, without mummy hot dogs.  We wrapped the hot dogs with Pillsbury croissant dough

hot-dog mummies






We made skeleton cookies, bloody prepared red fruit punch with eyeballs, and finished off the menu with melon shaped eyeballs

cookies melon punch

The icing on the cake was made with white chocolate tombstone molds, and red food coloring


The decorations were a hit, the food was delicious and the rest was just spooky fun!


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