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Hajj Kaaba Lantern DIY

Since there are not much choices of Hajj party supplies out there. Here is an easy Kaaba diy for your next hajj party


  1. Black square paper lantern (you can find at any party store.  We got those from Oriental Trading
  2. Gold Sparkly ribbon, black and white ribbon, gold and black ribbon (found at any fabric or craft store.  We got ours from Joann’s).
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Scissors



Wrap glitter around the square lantern.  Cut to size.  Glue 1″ away from the top, on each corner of the lantern.  Repeat the same with a patter ribbon.  In a few minutes you have yourself a Kaaba lantern!



Need to give out favors for guests who come and pay a visit?  we found the favor boxes at Oriental Trading.  We glued around the the top our hajj ribbon


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