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Party Color Trends for Fall 2016

Summer is now coming to an end and as you are ready to get back into your routine by leaving behind bright colors that you used for summer entertaining; here comes the new color palette, based on what is trending right now, that we chose for you for fall 2016 !

  1. Dusty Blue

Romantic Dusty Blue

Feeling nostalgic of the seaside.  Here is a variation from the bright blue hue.  Dusty blue is an ideal setting for a “been there done that” mood.  Let your guests know that although summer is long gone the fun is not over yet.  Dusty blue goes well with off white for a romantic look or crisp white, for a more modern setting.  You can accessorize it with silver or with gold for a more formal dinner.

2. Clay

clay Collage

Did anyone say autumn?  For a warm event, dress your table in the earthy clay color.  It matches pretty much with everything!  For a minimalist look use white tablecloth and clay orange as an accent or go all clayed out with clay tablecloth and clay flowers!  For a rustic event add earthy greens.  For a more daring look pair it with gold or mustard color which is also trending right now.

3. Mustard

mustard Collage

Mustard is a bold color and is sure to attract conversation.  You can keep a modern look by pairing it with gray or white; add black for a french country look.  Accessorize it with clay orange and olive green if you would like to invoke fall in Tuscany.  If too dull for you, use mustard with bright flowers.

4.  Aurora Red

BeFunky Collage

Aurora red is not for the faint hearted.  An event using aurora red is making a statement like: “helllo, I am here and my party is better then yours!”  However, you can say it in many ways.  Add gold and green for a sophisticated look or white for a more crisp look.

5. Emerald Green

emerald Collage

Emerald green is trending this fall.  It is rich and chic yet also welcoming such as nature itself.  There are so many ways to bring your party to life with this color.  Match it with black for a dramatic event, with white for a fresh look or with gold our fav for a queen like dinner! Dress up your table with emerald glassware for a very elegant event. It is also the ideal color for a moroccan style event.

6. Violet


…Violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you!  No seriously, violent color adds drama to any event.  It is often used in a moroccan theme or henna parties but it can also be used for classic events when paired with gold and cream color.  You can even go modern by using it as an accent with gray and white; so let your imagination carry you to that beautiful place, when hosting a party with violet color

7.  Shark Gray

shark-gray Collage

Shark gray is a very chic neutral color.  You cannot go wrong with this color.  So if you are unsure about what mood you would like for your party but still want it to look great, go for shark gray. It just goes well with any and every color in the spectrum.  You can also keep the entire event neutral by matching it with white or you can add just a small touch of trending colors such as the aurora red, emerald green, mustard yellow or even clay orange.  If you want to make a statement try accessorizing the party with metallics such as gold and rose gold which leaves us to the best trending color for last!

8. Rose Gold



Metallics have been trending lately.  Golds are all in style but mostly rose gold steals the show.  This trending color is beautiful and pretty much makes most colors pop out!  You can use rose gold utensils, chargers, candlesticks, napkin rings, lanterns or even mercury glassware. You will find pretty much all sorts of accessories in this color, or you can get obsessive, like we have, by spray painting anything in sight such as maple leaves, acorn, bowls, vases etc… why? just to add this bling bling yet chic feel. For those neutral people out there who want to be bold; remember rose gold even goes well with shark gray!

No matter what type of a host you are or what type of party you want to throw.  The suggested trending colors will sure add a special touch to any party you are planning.

If you do throw a party with a trending 2016 fall color, please be sure to post a photo in the comment box.  Happy partying!







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