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Party Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

If you follow fashion trends, then you are familiar with the popular colors and looks for 2016.  Do you follow those color schemes when you are hosting a dinner or a gathering? Based on WCF, the leading fashion industry network, the forecast of trending colors for S/S 2016 consists of earthy and bold colors.  We have listed those colors to make it easy for you to plan your next event.  By being “avant garde” in your choice of decor, you are sure to wow your guests!

WCF has categorized the trending color palettes into five themes: Heirloom, Desert Bloom, Soft Nostalgia, Backyard, and Seaside.

I- HEIRLOOM – Jewel tone Palette


burgundy collage


indigo Collage (1)


moonstone Collage


II- DESSERT- Earthy Tones and Neutral Palettes


persimmon collage


taupe Collage

Moonstone Blue


III- SOFT NOSTALGIA – Pastel Palette

Lemon Chiffon

lemon chiffon Collage

Hydrangea Blue


IV – BACKYARD – Bright Palette

Periwinkle Blue

periwinkle collage

V- SEASIDE – Vibrant Mid Tones


coral Collage

You can spice up your party by combining colors from different categories, for example yellow chiffon and teal go so well together, for a moroccan theme, persimmon and burgundy are a good match. Also, indigo and coral are a good contrast.  Do not be intimidated by such vibrant colors.  Let your party be your own canvas!



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