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Accessorizing Your “Haute Hijab” Eid Outfits

In the last post “Haute Hijab” suggested 5 outfits from its collection for Eid party dress ideas.  We asked our stylist Maryam Bacaloni to put together accessories for those outfits in order for you to get that perfect look without having to put in too much effort!

Outfit #1

Chiffon Circle Skirt, Royal Blue:

Outfit #2Grand Ball Skirt, Floral:

Outfit #3Grand Ball Skirt, Gingham:

Outfit #4The Florence Dress, Camel:

Outfit #5Dahlia Maxi Dress, Paisley:

We hope you’ve enjoyed these accessory suggestions. If you have an Eid outfit that you would like to accessorize, just send us a photo and we’ll ask our fashion expert to give you some tips.

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