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Eid DIY Banner

Our Shabby Zee napkins aren’t just for cleaning up! As Carey’s Corner has shown in her latest DIY project, you can turn these already cute napkins into a not too shabby mini Eid banner or decorative flags. You can use it to embellish your cake or even use it as a centerpiece. You’ll just need a few things to get started.


*You may wish to laminate your banner flags for extra support. In this case, super glue would more easily adhere the flags to the yarn


Napkin DIY Banner


1. Take one (still folded) napkin and cut a rectangular shape from the striped pattern at the bottom. The rectangle should be about one inch wide or, to make it easier, cut around the bunched up stripe pattern. If you cut through all the napkin layers at once, you should now have 4 equally sized rectangles. You can now use these as a guide to cut 4 more rectangles from the pink or green polkadot pattern.

2. Next, cut a triangle shape out from the bottom of the rectangles to make a nice pointed flag design.

3. After all your flags are shaped, glue them equally spaced apart on a length of yarn—or laminate them first if you would like sturdier flags. You may wish to leave extra yarn on the ends so that you can tie your banner to the skewers.

4. Lastly, decorate your banner as you wish with store-bought or homemade lettering. You can now tie the banner to the skewers, and your banner is complete! You can experiment and use different patterns, shapes, and sizes for the flags. Have fun!




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