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Five Eid Party Outfit Ideas @Haute Hijab

As the countdown to Ramadan is coming to a close, you are probably feeling, like most of us, a physical exhaustion mixed with some nostalgia about the passing of a blessed month.  The last thing you probably wish to do is shop and yet you know, at the same time, that finding a nice eid outfit […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie in Mason Jar for #GiveEid Campaign

Sweets, whether homemade or store bought, can make a great gift for neighbors and friends. If you’ve been thinking of ideas for gifts for this year’s #GiveEid campaign, here’s a suggestion: Cookies in a jar! This example uses a recipe for chocolate chip pistachio cookies, but any kind of cookies will work. This is the […]

Ramadan Lantern Water Bottle Label Template

Ramadan Mubarak! We hope you are having a great Ramadan so far. Here are some free printable Lantern water bottle labels so you can quench your thirst in style. With the upcoming heatwave, we thought to offer more water bottle decorations, this time inspired by the Ramadan Lantern designs. Enjoy!  

#GiveEid Campaign

#GiveEid Eid Awareness Campaign Muslims are a hospitable and generous people, but they can also sometimes be reserved and aloof, especially the older generation. In an effort to showcase the positive traits of our community and to encourage integration in these pressing times, where Muslims are being marginalized, Eid Creations is spearheading an Eid awareness […]

Eid DIY Flags

  Remember Carey’s Corner’s creative transition from napkins to banner? This time you can use your Shabby Zee napkins to create mini castle flags. These decorations can be made in a similar way and with similar materials as the banner. Materials  Exacto knife or scissors 1 Shabby Zee Chic napkin Toothpicks Glue     Steps […]

10 Eid Party Outfits for the busy woman by @Maikaboutik

Before you go out fetching a trendy Eid outfit you need to know what the plans are. Many people will start their eid day early by heading to the masjid, then the traditional family breakfast, then off they go hopping from one family’s house to another. Rarely do Eid parties take place in the evening and even fewer go on late at night, especially because Eid this year falls on a weekday. With that in mind, you want something comfy that spells out trendy without screaming out FOB!   We sat down with May Kazma, the creator of MaikaBoutik, to get the scoop on what is trending this year, and we also asked her to put together some outfit inspirations for those of us who will be spending all Eid out of our abode!

We asked May the following questions:

What inspires you to come up with your creations?

“What inspires me the most to create a collection is the fabric which we get to see six months ahead.  I am also inspired by my extensive travels”

What colors are trending this summer 2016?

“vibrant colors are trending but for me as a veiled woman, I prefer to go with more soft colors such as pastels, off white and black in every collection.  Gray and white also go very well together”

What is your favorite collection and why?

“Every and each collection has something special to me.  I can say that there is a favorite outfit in each collection but in general I like minimal design, warm, comfortable and reflective, that gives confidence to women”

Below are some outfits she suggested for Eid 2016

Casual Chic


Preppy Chic

Collage 1 edit

Glamour Chic




MAIKA is an emerging Lebanese clothing brand aimed at women who value quality, modesty, and elegance. MAIKA caters to different groups of women who seek a brand that represents their way of beliefs and lifestyle. The company slogan is “modesty, the key to elegance.”


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